CAPABILITIES:  PBS principals are experienced in providing services in two main disciplines:   Winery Compliance and Process/Data Analytics.


  • Licensing   - Provide permit and licensing support services at both federal and state levels.
  • Federal and  Out-of-State Reporting and Filing.  - Assist with operations reports, inventory reports, shipping reports, excise and sales tax  calculations, report development and timely filing.
  • California ABC and CDTFA Report Development, Processing and Filing - Assist in developing and filing reports, license renewals and excise and sales tax fiilngs.
  • TTB Certificate of Label Approvals (COLA) - Review draft labels for compliance, promptly submit labels to TTB for approval, monitor and respond to requests for correction/revision coordinate with client on printing/timeline requirements. 
  • Start-Up and Operational Change Support - Provide detailed guidance/support on processes and requirements for obtaining TTB and Home-State (California) permits, FDA registration, CDTFA Seller's permit and CDTFA Excise Tax registration as a bonded winery.  Manage permit application processes for Alternating Proprietor  Host and Tenant wineries.  Assist in fulfilling permit requirements for ownership and premise location changes.   File trade name and bottling name authorization amendments with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau  ("TTB").
  • CDFA  Grape Crush Report - Provide support to take the raw data from winery operations and complete the entry and submission of this annual report.  


  • Comprehensive Records Management In Multi-Site Operations 
    Large Scale:  In excess of 20 million original physical documents per location.
  • Document Management and Document Intake/Control in Litigation Support Settings
    Large Scale:  In-Excess of 1.2 Million Piece Case Productions.  
  • Litigation Support  Discovery-Phase/Preliminary Document Handling and Assessment
    Indexing, metadata development, context-sensitive pre-analytics support.  
  • Document Indexing and Metadata Development 
    Indexing, metadata development, auto-coding classification rule design.
  • Document Conversion Support/Management  
    Managing the migration from paper-based systems to electronic web-based systems. 
  • Litigation Support  Discovery-Phase/Preliminary Document Handling and Assessment
    Context-sensitive pre-analytics support. 
  • Process and Data Flow Analysis  
    Process analysis, data flow definition,  process flow articulation and documentation.