CAPABILITIES:  PBS principals are experienced in providing the following services:  

Comprehensive Records Management In Multi-Site Operations 
Large Scale:  In excess of 20 million original physical documents per location

Document Management and Document Intake/Control in Litigation Support Settings
Large Scale:  In-Excess of 1.2 Million Piece Case Productions 

 Litigation Support  Discovery-Phase/Preliminary Document Handling and Assessment
Indexing, metadata development, context-sensitive pre-analytics support 

 Document Indexing and Metadata Development 
Indexing, metadata development, auto-coding classification rule design

 Document Conversion Support/Management  
Migration from paper-based systems to electronic web-based system)

 Integrated Contract and Subcontract Development and Management 
Total Quality Performance Management Tracking System – TQPM-TS process

 Comprehensive Program Management 
Complex Federal Contracts – medium to large scale 

 Litigation Support  Discovery-Phase/Preliminary Document Handling and Assessment
Context-sensitive pre-analytics support

  Integrated Logistic Services
Large-scale inventory management and warehousing operation in excess of 20 acres

  Process and Data Flow Analysis  
Process analysis, data flow definition,  process flow articulation and documentation

          Physical and Security Risk Assessment 
              Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Corporate Risk Elements

        Sustainable in Practice (SIP) Certification Development & Maintenance Support
              Initial documentation development and submission, audit  support and
              re-certification assistance 

        Compliance Support for Vineyard and Winery Operations
              TTB,  BOE,  COLA, DTC  and Wholesaler Support for data gathering and reporting

        HIPAA Risk and Compliance Assessment
Qualitative and Quantitative Review and Evaluation of HIPAA Compliance Status























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